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Enhance your professional image and increase your public exposure by becoming a member of The Waterproofing Association of Gauteng (WAG). However, in order to qualify for membership, your company/business has to meet a set of basic minimum requirements to convince us and to ensure the public of your skills, qualifications, reputation, expertise, experience and overall reliability. Understandably, this is necessary to safeguard any potential client/customer against unqualified 'fly-by-nighters' and irresponsible practitioners that make promises they don't even understand.

Compliancy Criteria

Below are the basic criteria expected in order to qualify for becoming a respected member of WAG:


A member is expected to possess the necessary technical qualifications, knowledge as well as practical experience, or to employ, in a position of responsibility, a person/persons possessing such experience, to ensure that all waterproofing projects are carried out in a workmanlike and economical manner.


A member is expected to satisfy the waterproofing requirements of his clients by complying with the spirit as well as the letter of his contractural obligations and to handle all business transactions with fairness and honour.


A member is expected to organise his business administration effectively to maintain adequate financial resources to ensure the proper execution of all contractural obligations and to assist, wherever possible, in the training of the skilled manpower needs of the waterproofing industry.

To Apply for Membership

If you are confident that your business practice conforms to all these requirements, download the
Application For Membership Process here
Application Form here
 and the
Constitution and Rules here



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